Martyred for the Gospel

Martyred for the Gospel
The burning of Tharchbishop of Cant. D. Tho. Cranmer in the town dich at Oxford, with his hand first thrust into the fyre, wherwith he subscribed before. [Click on the picture to see Cranmer's last words.]

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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Leithart Prosecutor Rejects Gospel and Leaves PCA for …. « God's Hammer

Just when you think things couldn't be worse something worse happens. One of the prosecutors trying Peter Leithart for the Federal Vision error has come out of the closet. No, he's not a homosexual. Apparently Jason Stellman was a closet papist who secretly harbored false doctrines even worse than the Federal Vision. Stellman is now going to become a papist with the Roman Catholic Church. Say it ain't so?

Click here to read the story at the God's Hammer blog:   Leithart Prosecutor Rejects Gospel and Leaves PCA for …. « God's Hammer

And here to read the story on Wes White's blog:  Jason Stellman Leaves the PCA

You can read Stellman's farewell letter on his blog here:  Creed Code Cult:  A Heartfelt Farewell to the Presbyterian Church in America

Is it any wonder that we see these sorts of defections when Evangelicals and Reformed folks think Roman Catholics are just fine "Christian" brothers in Christ?  Make no mistake about it but Rome is a synagogue of satan and all who join ranks with her are lost souls without true faith in Christ.   The false religion of self-righteousness and merits taught by Rome can only lead to eternal perdition.

This is also why I consider so-called Reformed folks like J. I. Packer, Charles Colson, and others who advocate the Evangelicals and Catholics Together agenda as lost as any Papist.  I would include Arminians in that same sinking ship.



Anonymous said...

Aside: Didn't Packer years ago reverse himself and recant his endorsement of ECT? For quite some time he's refrained from holding hands with Rome...right? What have I missed here?

*bracing for another disappointment...*

Charlie J. Ray said...

No, Packer has never recanted. In fact, he signed the Manhattan Declaration and the other document that called for ecumenical unity. Also, Packer is in fellowship with avowed Anglo-Catholics in the Anglican Church in North America. Even conservative Anglo-Catholics are little more than Papist-lite.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know about Manhattan and Anglo-Catholics. But sorry to hear that about Packer.

You know who I was thinking of?: D. M. Lloyd-Jones. He is the one who reversed himself on ECT. Yes?

Charlie J. Ray said...

Dr. Packer has done wonderful service to the Evangelicalism by his writings on Scripture and the popularization of Puritan doctrine and practice. However, he has caused great puzzlement to many by his involvement in the ECT. It is difficult to reconcile how a theologian of Dr. Packer’s stature can write so cogently on the doctrine of justification by faith by stressing that the formal cause of justification is the imputation of both the active and passive obedience of Christ and yet make common cause with individuals from a church that denies that doctrine by teaching that the formal cause of justification is the infusion of Christ’s righteousness. It is also difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of the Evangelical movement when its leaders have not taught a clear doctrine of the church by their failure to maintain consistently that one of the marks of the true Church of Christ is correct doctrine. J.I. Packer and the Evangelical Future

This is also the problem with Packer's explicit endorsement of the Anglican Church in North America as an "orthodox" Anglican church. The English Reformers were Calvinistic and Protestant, not high church Arminians or Anglo-Papists like the ACNA.

Timothy George, a particular Baptist, has also signed ECT and the Manhattan Declaration and The Gift of Salvation (ECT II). See Berean Beacon's critique of The Gift of Salvation ECT II: The Lie Documented by Richard Bennett.

Charlie J. Ray said...

Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones pushed for British Evangelicals to leave the Church of England and form their own ecclesiastical organizations. That was his dispute with Packer, who insisted on reforming the Church of England from within. Unfortunately the CofE is dominated by theological liberals and Anglo-Papists. There are a few Evangelicals in the CofE but by and large they are either charismatics, Arminians, or "moderate" Calvinists. In other words, they are mostly compromisers.

Packer left England because of the controversy and landed in Canada where he took up where he left off. He joined the Anglican Church in Canada and joined with the "orthodox" Anglo-Papists there. Packer is accepted by the Anglo-Papists because he refuses to call them on their errors regarding justification by faith alone and imputed righteousness.

Charlie J. Ray said...

Here is more evidence that J. I. Packer has not changed his position:

J. I. Packer's Last Crusade

By the way, Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones died in 1981 so it would be impossible for him to have signed ECT. If he had lived I sincerely doubt he would have compromised on that issue. My only beef with Lloyd-Jones was his non-cessationist theology... And he was not seminary trained. His sermons were biblical and solid, however.

See: Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Charlie J. Ray said...

BTW, I am not at all surprised that Jason Stellman is apostasizing to Rome. I've noticed many of his statements tended in that direction. The idea that he would be appointed as a prosecutor of Peter Leithart was laughable at best! And now the truth comes out! I'm sure that Stellman deliberately threw in the towel and tried to avoid getting a conviction. It's only a sign of how far the PCA has fallen. Too bad.

These days attending a PCA is a crap shoot. Some of their "sessions" or congregations are as bad as anything you'd find in the PCUSA or the CRC.

Anonymous said...

Suffice it to say that for as long as I've been aware of Stellman (though I've never paid much attention to him or his little corner of the Calvogosphere) I've never failed to get icky vibes from him and his "contributions" to discourse, etc. I never trusted him or gave much thought to anything he wrote; his posts, remarks and online demeanor always fell dead-flat with me - left me cold, vaguely irritated. Lots of bloggers have that effect on me.

Anyway, I'm not surprised by these developments, either. It's not just that Stellman isn't my cup of tea, blogwise; he positively turned me off to a noticeable degree. Not that that's proof of anything. *shrug*

One thing in particular that has always grossed me out is Stellman's (highly annoying!) geekboy obsession with (veneration of?) U2...whom Stellman considered a "Christian band."

Charlie J. Ray said...

U2 was never a Christian band by any stretch of the imagination. Good grief.

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