Martyred for the Gospel

Martyred for the Gospel
The burning of Tharchbishop of Cant. D. Tho. Cranmer in the town dich at Oxford, with his hand first thrust into the fyre, wherwith he subscribed before. [Click on the picture to see Cranmer's last words.]

Collect of the Day

The Second Sunday in Lent.

The Collect

ALMIGHTY God, who seest that we have no power of ourselves to help ourselves; Keep us both outwardly in our bodies, and inwardly in our souls; that we may be defended from all adversities which may happen to the body, and from all evil thoughts which may assault and hurt the soul; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Collect from the First Day of Lent is to be read every day in Lent after the Collect appointed for the Day.

Daily Bible Verse

Friday, March 22, 2013

Clark Quote of the Day: On Conversion: Knowing and Believing

 But understanding alone is not faith. Faith is believing what one understands. -- Gordon H. Clark

Now, God could omnipotently regenerate a man without using any means (if it should so please him), and in a sense he does so. But he has so ordered the situation that there are conditions. A condition preceding faith is an understanding of the propositions to be believed. No one can believe that of which he knows nothing. Saul, the persecutor, understood Christian doctrine better than the Christians did. The people referred to in Matthew 13:15 deliberately avoided an understanding, for fear that it might convert them. Hence understanding the Gospel, at least understanding some of it, must precede regeneration alone as the east wind preceded the escape of the Israelites. But understanding alone is not faith. Faith is believing what one understands. A theologian or philosopher understands many theories he does not believe. In regeneration God causes the sinner to believe what heretofore he had only understood. As Paul said, “Faith cometh by hearing.” This is the means God uses.

Gordon H. Clark (2013-03-04T05:00:00+00:00). What Is The Christian Life? (Kindle Locations 200-208). The Trinity Foundation. Kindle Edition.
(Cf. Romans 10:8-10, 17).

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