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Martyred for the Gospel
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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Obama and the FCC Soon to Censor Freedom of Speech on the Internet

It's ironic that the liberals claim the political right wants to censor American freedom of speech but in fact it is the political left which wishes to shut down free speech and free religion. If the left can shut up the dissident opinions of the people then they can control the nation. What we are seeing is a massive move toward a totalitarian government run by atheist socialists and other vocal opponents of the freedom of religion and the free speech guaranteed to individual Christians and local congregations.

Another move toward censorship was the recent boycott of the Fox News channel by the White House. Obama and his cronies are out to re-engineer democracy to fit their civil religion of atheism, theological relativism, and theological liberalism/postmodernism. If the White House can shut up the political right, the theological conservatives who oppose social engineering like homosexual marriage and non-traditional family models, then they can shut out their political and religious enemies from free access to democratic principles and the bill of rights.

Every Christian should be alarmed by the current trends of the government which are openly and vocally hostile to the freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Showtime and HBO have stepped up their propaganda campaigns against the freedom of religion and freedom of speech. "Outrage," a documentary on HBO, attacked the right of Christians to say that homosexuality is a sinful behavior, lifestyle and predisposition. Showtime aired a program utilizing hate speech against the Roman Catholic Church. While I'm as opposed to the Roman Catholic Church as any truly Reformed person should be, I also recognize that in a free society and a democratic republic there is no established church. This would include excluding the establishing of liberal mainline theology and religion as the defacto religion of the state.

It would also include allowing all denominations the freedom to practice their religion and beliefs free from government interference. So conservative Evangelicals should have the right to assemble, to distribute religious materials and tracts freely in the public realm, and to openly evangelize or proselytize in the public arena. Freedom of religion means a free exchange of religious ideas and not government interference.

If we allow this take over of the internet by an Obama run FCC we are going to see Fox News and conservative politics censored and shut down. We will also see religious organizations targeted and harassed by government officials who oppose the freedom of speech and freedom of religion for dissidents like myself.

Every concerned citizen should call or write or e-mail their elected officials and voice their concerns over this government take over. This could be the first step toward a totalitarian socialist take over by Obama and his cronies.

To see the link to the news story click on: John McCain Sponsors Bill


Dominic said...

You'll find that in this instance it is the US aping the UK.

These moves have been underway for some time now and people have been arrested for 'inciting religious hatred' when opposing (for instance) Islam even when they have behaved reasonably. The problem there being that there is not yet any crime of 'inciting religious hatred' in the UK!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Charlie

On a related note, have you seen this?


From Fox News:
'Senate Democrats used a must-pass military spending bill to push through a controversial measure Thursday extending hate-crime protection to gays.

'The bill, known as the Matthew Shepard Act, named for the gay Wyoming college student murdered 11 years ago, was opposed by conservatives because of language they said targets clergy and others who oppose homosexuality on religious grounds and who might express those beliefs publicly.'

Where does it all end?

I am researching the emergent church for the blog right now (post scheduled for Hallowe'en). Brian McLaren, one of the emergent leaders, is a 'friend' of the Sojourners (Christian Marxists) and blogs there from time to time. The Sojourners, as you probably know, support all the same things the Obama administration does. So, they're all in it together. Watch for more stifling of speech, preaching and so forth in the coming decade. It will be militant and it will be pushed down people's throats.

Charlie J. Ray said...

Hi, Dominic...

We're already seeing this in Canada. I'm not sure what you meant in that last sentence. Did you mean "as in the UK"? I think there are already laws prohibiting "inciting of religious hatred" there in the UK, are there not? Here in the US it is against the law to commit "hate" crimes against gay or lesbian people. The next step is making it a crime to say homosexual behavior is sinful and the gay lifestyle is sinful.

When that happens we might begin to see Christians persecuted by a secular and atheistic government. I have been following the EV News site at the Church Society website. It is indeed alarming to see what is happening there in the UK.

Sincerely in Christ,


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